Auditus Natura Terminale

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Commission

A site-specific sound installation experienced at 10th & Hamilton Street, Philadelphia. The work is in response to Sohn’s research into the history, places and people connected to the three-mile disused Reading Railway line. The artwork explores the cultural heritage and the rail site’s creative potential, and prompts visitors to consider our relationship with the industrial past and how we shape our public spaces.


Abby Sohn is a research- based American artist currently working in Wales, UK. Previously, she has worked in the field of museum conservation.

Inspired by her professional experience in museum conservation, her artwork explores transcendental qualities found in the dialogue between historic and contemporary artefacts, the cultures they represent and investigates how knowledge and histories evolve.

see more at:

Friends of the Rail Park

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Pop Up Gardens

The Pew Centre for Arts and Heritage

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