Shinui for Kestenberg Factory, 2005

Shinui 1 Shinui 2

In an attempt to industrialise the nation in the 1800's, Lodz became the textiles capital of Poland. Known as "The Promised Land", people from four different backgrounds moved to the city to work in the textiles industry.

Factory Installation

Considering the background of the city and of the site of the Kestenberg factory, Sohn designed three garments out of white cotton. Each garment resembles that of the Kitl or robe which is used to mark new beginnings and stages of life in the Jewish tradition. The garments were installed on the top floor of the factory.

Sound Installation

The sound installation created for Lodz makes use of the traditional sounds of a shofar or ram's horn used in the Autumn to call in the Jewish New Year, Rosh HaShana and is blown again to end Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. In ancient times the shofar was blown to announce an important event, such as the alarm of war or the coming of peace. Heard from the roof top of the Kestenberg factory the sound of the shofar takes on a multitude of meanings and signals new beginnings for the site of the factory.

The shofar was blown by Rabbi Mordechai Wollenberg and recorded at Cardiff United Synagogue. "Shinui" was heard each night at sunset, from September 24th until October 30th, for the duration of the"Site-ations International: Sense in Place" exhibition in Lodz.

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