Shinui, 2005

"The beehive and the paper hive (an archive or library) both fancy themselves utopias in which modern memory is stored up, as honey or as knowledge." -The Revolt of the Bees, 2005

In September 2005, Sohn was invited artist to participate in "Site-ations International 2005: Sense in Place" in Lodz, Poland. The exhibition was held in a derelict textile factory built in the late 1800's by a Jewish manufacturer named Jakob Kestenberg.

Her research trip to Lodz in July led her to create three independent, but related bodies of work, two of which were exhibited in Lodz and one for her MA Fine Art Final Exhibition at the University of Wales Institute Cardiff.

Each work shares the Hebrew word for change, "Shinui" as their title. Inspired by her research into the city as well as her personal experiences, Sohn created an audio/visual archive that embodied themes, symbols and references to the following: notions of purification and renewal; hidden histories relating to people and sites; as well humanistic rituals.

Shinui 1 Shinui 2 Shinui 3